Faccio IYO

  • 9 courses inspired by seasonal products and creativity 125 p. p.

À la carte


Specialities incorporating all the creativity of the moment
  • SAKE KARASHI SUMISO // Flamed salmon sashimi, steamed asparagus, salmon roe and karashi sumiso sauce 17,50
  • MAGURO YAMAKAKE // Tuna sashimi marinated with soy sauce, Apulian stracciatella yamakake, nori seaweed and fresh wasabi 18,50
  • TAKO // Octopus cooked in red turnip extraction, shiso flavored Japanese potato salad and sweet and sour red turnip 20
  • CRISPY TAMAGO // Panko-breaded soft poached egg with panko, umadashi, marinated gindara sauce and pak choi 18
  • IKA SOMEN // Frayed raw squid, Royal Oscietra caviar, crispy vegetables, quail egg 
and soba dashi sauce 20
  • TAIYO // Millefeuille of seared shrimp and red shrimp, yuzukosho flavoured mayonnaise, squid, yuzu flavoured miso sauce and tomato 15
  • NEGI TORO CHIRASHI // Mini tuna belly chirashi, fresh wasabi, watercress and chives 18
  • WAGYU TARTARE // Wagyu tartare, amaranto cracker, Avola almond extraction, zucchini and apple katsuobushi 25
  • TORIMOMO YUAN YAKI // Roasted French chicken thigh marinated with akazake sake, toasted leek, kimizu sauce and Arima sansho 16


Small bites to start with
  • ALICE TEMAKI // Anchovy marinated in rice vinegar and yuzu, buffalo ricotta cheese with kizami wasabi, baby spinach, kombu powder and tobiko 5
  • SCAMPO AL PASSION FRUIT // Langoustine marinated 
with passion fruit emulsion and yuzu flavoured tobiko 6
  • KAKISU // San Benedetto oyster with ponzu sauce, spring onion julienne and salmon roe 10
  • SAMURAI STICK (3 PIECES) // Shrimp sticks with edamame wrapped in crispy pastry and served with spicy sauce 9
  • WAKAME SALAD // Mixed salad of algae marinated with dashi, soy sauce and raspberries vinegar 12
  • SASHIMI SALAD // Sashimi accompanied by seasonal mesticanza with dressing of onion, soy and Shiragiku rice vinegar 22
  • PINZIMONIYO // Mixed seasonal vegetables with negi-miso sauce, umeboshi and shiso 8
  • EDAMAME // Soy pods 5
  • EDAMAME SPICY // Spicy soy pods 6

Tartare and Carpaccios

Knife-cut or paper-thin sliced raw fish
  • SAKE TARTARE* // Salmon tartare with soy sauce, wasabi and avocado 15
  • MAGURO TARTARE* // Tuna tartare with soy sauce, wasabi and avocado 17,50
  • HAMACHI MISO // Amberjack tartare with Camone tomato, served with yuzu miso sauce and avocado 16
  • AKAZAEBI TARTARE // Langoustine tartare accompanied by passion flower and ginger flavoured soy cream and wild fennel oil sauce 24
  • AMAEBI TARTARE // Mazara del Vallo red shrimps tartare, yuzu-soy sauce, mango in osmosis and sesame 24
  • AMAEBI CARPACCIO* // Mazara del Vallo red shrimps carpaccio seared with sesame oil and yuzu-soy sauce 25
  • ZUKE MAGURO // Thinly sliced tuna seared 
and marinated in soy sauce with wasabi 18
  • CARPACCIO DI RICCIOLA* // Amberjack carpaccio in ponzu sauce and jalapeño 18
  • CARPACCIO MISTO* // Amberjack, tuna and salmon carpaccio in ponzu sauce 18


Raw fish with rice
  • SAKE // Salmon 3,50
  • SUZUKI // Sea bass 4
  • HAMACHI // Amberjack 4,50
  • MAGURO // Tuna 4,50
  • EBI // Cooked shrimp 4,50
  • AMAEBI // Red shrimp 4,50
  • IKA // Squid 4,50
  • OMBRINA ROSSA // Gargano croaker 6
  • KINMEDAI // Golden eye snapper 8
  • TORO // Tuna belly 8
  • UNAGI // Eel 8

Special Nigiri

Raw fish, rice, creativity
  • SAKE GIO // Seared salmon and salmon roe 5
  • SAMBA // Sea bass, lime, Pantelleria capers 6
  • ZUKE // Tuna marinated in soy sauce 
with fresh wasabi 6
  • HAMACHI YUZUKOSHO // Amberjack, avocado and yuzukosho 
flavoured mayonnaise 6
  • BLUE LOBSTER // Blue lobster marinated in white kombu and Royal Oscietra caviar 10
  • KING CRAB // King crab, 
spicy mayonnaise, tobiko and crunchy tempura 10
  • TORO FOIE GRAS // Seared tuna belly, foie gras and teriyaki sauce 10
  • WAGYU // Wagyu with karashi sumiso and yuzukosho 10


Sushi eclair
  • IYO STYLE // Salmon, quail eggs, salmon roe, tobiko and chives 6
  • SALMON OUT // Salmon, tobiko, mayonnaise and spicy sauce 3,50
  • SAKE GRANCHIO // Salmon, king crab, mayonnaise and tobiko 4
  • TUNA OUT // Tuna, tobiko, mayonnaise and spicy sauce 4
  • SAKE IKURA // Salmon and salmon roe 4
  • ZUCCHINA // Seared courgette, shrimps 
tartare, mayonnaise and tobiko 4
  • ROSE // Amberjack, langoustine, avocado, tobiko, mayonnaise and spicy sauce 4
  • TORO OUT // Tuna belly with Royal Oscietra caviar 10

Sushi, sashimi, chirashi

Raw fish with or without rice
  • SASHIMI MIX // 9 slices of mixed fish 22
  • BARA CHIRASHI // Chirashi selected by the chef 28
  • NIGIRI SELECTION // 5 special nigiri 35
  • SASHIMI IYO // 15 slices of superior quality fish 35
  • SUSHI, SASHIMI E HOSOMAKI // 5 nigiri, 7 sashimi and 6 hosomaki 35


Rice rolls and raw fish
  • CALIFORNIA // King crab, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise and sesame 18
  • SPICY SALMON // Salmon, avocado, sesame, spicy sauce and mayonnaise 13
  • OSHIZUSHI // Spicy salmon, avocado, salmon roe and teriyaki sauce 15
  • SPICY TUNA // Tuna, avocado, sesame and spicy sauce 15
  • SPECIAL // Salmon, avocado, crispy tempura, sesame, cream cheese and teriyaki sauce 15
  • RAINBOW // Salmon, mixed fish carpaccio, cooked shrimps and avocado 18
  • EBI FLO // Shrimp tempura, spicy salmon tartare, fine slices of zucchini flowers in tempura and salmon roe 17,50
  • YUME // Shrimps and shiso tempura, tuna carpaccio marinated with soy sauce and wasabi cream 18,50
  • DRAGON // Caramelised eel, avocado, sesame and eel sauce 20

Uramaki Special

Rice rolls, raw fish and creativity
  • BLUE LOBSTER // Whole seared blue lobster, avocado, chives and ginger 55
  • AKAZAEBI FOIE GRAS // Seared langoustines, avocado, asparagus and foie gras 35
  • DRAGON SBAGLIATO // Eel, foie gras, avocado, cucumber, shiso and arima sansho 28
  • ROCK’N’ ROLL // Shrimp tempura, avocado, seared yellowtail, red Mazara del Vallo shrimp and jalapeño sauce 25
  • EBITEN PLUS // Shrimp tempura, steamed asparagus, seared salmon roll, Tropea onion sauce marinated with amazu, and yuzu-miso 25
  • IKA // Squid tentacles tempura, fresh shiso and yuzukosho, squid julienne with mentaiko, double fermentation soy sauce, dill flavoured kimizu sauce and dried red shiso 25

Soups, gyoza and pasta

  • MISOSHIRO // Miso soup with wakame and tofu 5
  • GYOZA // Home made pork gyoza with white cabbage, soy sauce reduction and soybean sprouts 10
  • WAGYU GYOZA // Home made spinach gyoza filled with noble Japanese beef, sauce with vegetables, rice vinegar and soy sauce, crunchy fennel and sea fennel sprouts 22
  • EBI GYOZA // Prawns buckwheat dumplings with a hint of ginger and sesame, red prawn herring caviar 18
  • KISHIMEN KINMEDAI // Japanese traditional “tagliatella” with roasted golden eye snapper dashi, sesame flavoured golden eye snapper carpaccio, spring onion and pak choi 20


Battered and fried fish and vegetables
  • MIX // Seasonal vegetables, prawns and sea bass 20
  • YASAI // Selection of seasonal vegetables 14
  • TORI TEN // Tempura of French chicken thigh stuffed with black truffle, friggitelli mushrooms and white truffle flavoured tendashi sauce 20

Sakana Ryori

Fish-based dishes
  • UNAGI SUMIBIYAKI // Cooked on embers eel, crunchy rice with ichiban dashi and melted shallot with a hint of sansho 26
  • HIMEJI TOJI AGE // Yuba-breaded red mullet, Bra sausage, confit tomato cream and nitsume sauce 25
  • TORO SUMIBIYAKI // Tuna belly seared on embers and kizami wasabi 35
  • GIN DARA //Alaskan black cod caramelized in miso served with marinated vegetables 32

Niku Ryori

Meat-based dishes
  • SECRETO // Iberian piglet secreto glazed with soy sauce, baby spinach, fermented black garlic and kimizu sauce 32
  • HATO // Aged French pigeon cooked in 3 different ways 32
  • WAGYU SUMIBIYAKI // Noble Japanese beef cooked on embers, Piccadilly tomato stuffed with ponzu sauce and fresh wasabi, rocket pesto and slightly spicy rocket salad 65


  • CIOCCOLATO E LAMPONE // 70% dark chocolate and raspberries mousse, cacao financier and sponge cake, milk chocolate and raspberries ice cream, raspberries mousse and sauce, chocolate and salt biscuit 15
  • TIRAMISÙ // Light mascarpone cheese mousse, plumcake, coffee meringue and biscuit, umeshu jelly, chocolate and Sechuan 15
  • L'ARACHIDE E IL CARAMELLO // Different textures of peanut: sorbet, mousse and brittle; water whipped caramel and honey madeleine 15
  • PESCA, SALVIA E SAKE // Peach water flavoured peaches, peach whipped jelly, sage milk, ricotta cream, Asian pepper biscuit, water ice and sake air 15
  • FRAGOLA, MANDORLA E SHISO-BASILICO // Fresh and sorbet strawberries, almond mousse, caramelized almonds, shiso-basil sablé and spongecake 15
  • COMPOSIZIONE DI FRUTTA // Selection of fresh fruit 15
  • ICE CREAMS // Greek yogurt and black sesame - Vanilla - Fior di latte - Matcha tea 8
  • SORBETS // Yuzu - Berries - Cherry - Chocolate 8

Wines and Sake

IYO Experience’s curiosity is global and so must be the beverage menu. The wine list includes 500 labels, with no geographical or style dogmas. Great attention is paid to Italian and International wines, from Germany and France in particular. The wide and well-structured sake list includes more than 30 references from the most important prefectures of Japan. The list of teas available is increasingly on the rise, including green teas from Japan and China, red teas from Africa (Rooibos Citrus), white teas from Nepal, and black teas from India (Assam)… The list of spirits and liqueurs is extremely abundant. Important both in terms of quality and quantity, is also the selection of whiskies, many of which are Japanese.

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